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Tips for a Great Listing

Updated: Mar 31

Tips for a Great Listing

So, you want to list your home for sale? When listing a home for sale there are many things to be considered; From the aesthetics, to the price, to inspection, and the closing, Dawn is honored to provide you with all of the knowledge, guidance, and support needed to keep you feeling confident and excited throughout the whole process! Here we have compiled a comprehensive game plan, outline, and list of important milestones in the home sale process.

Pricing Your Home

When it comes to determining the best listing price for you home, there is much to be considered. Rest assured, your REALTORs® will do their homework. Through the use of a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA, we will evaluate every home listed and sold in your area that matches the criteria of your own. After all, considerations have been made, you will be provided with a suggested price range for the listing price of your home, as well as a Seller Net sheet that will describe your potential net proceeds in greater detail. We will consider the range of value to be within an acceptable offer price for the condition of your home.                                                               

Preparing Your Home

With the range of potential asking price of the home considered, it is time to prepare your home accordingly. For buyers, shopping for a new home often begins with the setting of desired criteria (price, size, etc.), followed by a thorough review of the photos of the home. This means that your home’s very first impression on the market will be through its photos. Here is a list of items that are important to consider when preparing your home for listing and buyer presentation:


-Prepack unnecessary belongings throughout the house. Remove nicknacks from countertops, tuck away personal hygiene products, organize loose paperwork, etc..  Not only will this help you when it comes time to move, but it will also create the space needed to allow our potential buyers to imagine their own belongings in the home. 

-Deep clean the home from top to bottom. Keeping in mind that what you are selling is the house itself, and the house should look well cared for. Cleaning fan blades, windows, window sills, blinds,  baseboards, countertops, cabinets, shower/bath, mirrors, floors, etc.. will be of utmost importance.

-During the organization/pre-packing of the home keep an eye out for dingy/scuffed paint on your interior walls. Crayon marks and little handprints are one of the most common imperfections we see in paint and an easy fix. Just take a piece of the paint to your local home improvement store for paint matching, and get a little can of paint for touch-ups. A little paint goes a long way in the presentation of your home.


-Paint looking a little dingy? Pressure washing can be a simple solution to this problem. In some cases, touch-ups will be necessary.

-Landscaping: Lawn mowed, weeds pulled, and overgrown trees/bushes addressed.

-Roof and gutters should be clear of debris and blockages. And unruly tree branches over the roof should be assessed and addressed accordingly.

On the Day of the Photos:

-Natural light makes for the best pictures, and brightness in the home is something that is often associated with the cleanliness of the home. Before your photoshoot, open the blinds to expose your freshly cleaned windows, and to allow your home to shine in it's best light! *Please also make sure all lightbulbs throughout the home are in working order. If not lights are in working order, this may appear in the photos.

-Put away loose wardrobe, shoes, dishes, hygiene products, paperwork/mail etc., so that the floors and counters are free of clutter and distracting information.

-It is preferred that the home is empty at the time of the photoshoot. It is a rule of the MLS that people not be pictured, as well as our preference that people and animals not be pictured to allow the shopper to imagine their own life, pets, etc. in the home. This is done much more easily and efficiently with an empty house. Our photographer may also need to move certain items (rugs, decor, etc.) in order to showcase certain parts of the home as needed, which again, would be much easier and more efficient with an empty house.

Addressing all of the items above will make your home a top competitor on the market! The better your home looks in our listing photos, the more interest your home will receive. The more interest your home receives, the more likely it will be to sell your home quickly and for an exceptional price.

Showing Your Home

Now that your home is ready and listed on the Multiple Listing Service, the showing requests should start pouring in! This is your opportunity to really showcase your home in its best light, and in person. It is so important that every aspect of the showing process runs smoothly, and leave an outstanding impression on the potential buyer.  Here are a few things to keep in mind, and some tips for a successful showing:

Showing Requests:

-Buyers often view multiple homes per tour with their REALTOR®. Their REALTOR® will set up a tour with times based on the homes posted availability, drive times, location, etc.. Homes that accommodate that initial showing requests are generally more successful, as often times rescheduling/denial of a specific showing time can end up without a second attempt to view the home. Either the buyer simply doesn’t have the time to return, or found a satisfactory home on their originally scheduled tour. It is highly recommended that you accommodate the original showing time request if possible. 

-Please, also note that it takes approximately 18 showings, consisting of about 2 showings per week over the span of 9 weeks on average to lead to the sale of a home. The more showings you are available to accept, the more likely that you will sell your home in an acceptable amount of time.

Showing Preparation & Presentation:

From the moment a potential buyer walks into the home, they are imagining their life, their things, and (if applicable) their family in the home. They will be examining the sights, the smells, the floor plan, etc. to determine if this house will be a viable option for their needs. So, as mentioned before, pre-packing, organizing, deep cleaning in preparation for photos is also important for the showings.

-Change your air filters and utilize plugins, sprays, potpourri, etc. to keep the home smelling fresh.

-Pick up and tuck away personal belongings, mail,  hygiene products, dishes, etc..

-Floors swept, and any smudges removed.

-Pets should be removed from the home or properly secured. It is ideal that they are not in the home if they will create any unpleasant noise, or could be a hazard to unknown visitors.

-Make it bright! Just like in the photos, opening your blinds and turning on all of the lights will allow the home to be seen in it’s best light.

-The temperature of the home is also important. Cooler temperatures will not only make the showing more comfortable for the touring buyers, but will also show that your unit is in proper working order. (Thermostat is often something we check with our own buyers).

-Potential buyers will always be accompanied by their REALTOR® or ourselves, but it is still recommended that you remove/lock up any sentimental personal items for safekeeping at your discretion. 

***BONUS*** Most cable tvs have a music choice channel. Utilizing this feature for smooth jazz, classical or soundscapes genre to leave playing can often create a more upscale and relaxing showing, and will certainly set your home apart from the rest! 

It can help to keep the home show-ready by taking a few minutes each morning to do a quick checklist clean up. Sometimes showings are requested on a drive-by and don’t allow much time for notice in advance. It is a huge advantage to have the home consistently show-ready, or at least close to it in the event of a last-minute showing request.

Selling Your Home

So then the time comes when we have an offer on the table, someone is ready to buy your home. You like what you see and we decide to move forward. What’s next? Well, the time periods, inspections, etc. will be different for each offer dependent on the type of loan used in the sale, and personal preferences of the buyer and yourself. In any case, you can be sure that Dawn will keep you informed and educated on the process every step of the way! 

Like this info? Stay tuned on our blog for the Listing Checklist, the checklist designed to help you with your own listing preparations!

If you have any questions about listing your home, contact us at forsalebydnd@gmail.com.