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For some, these times may be stretching your budget and knowing were to turn is always a bigger challenge when you are dealing with additional stress factors. If you do find yourself needing to cut a few corners to make ends meet, this resource may help you reach your short term budgeting goals. First, a little back story, there was a time when I completed my household shopping for an entire family on about $80 a week. A family of family of 5, this hardship lasted for more than a year. We never know when our finances will take a sharp drop but just know with a little ingenuity you will make it through and will be proud to say that you did!

Fortunately, there are resources outside of applying for government assistance. Even if you qualify for assistance, this information will help you stretch that assistance even farther. Now let's talk a little about what I find to be an incredible source of information for Florida shoppers. Southern Savers https://www.southernsavers.com/ which literally kept me and my family afloat while a family member battled kidney failure. So much so, that even with $80 a week of limited spending cash, I ended up with stockpiles of supply in my garage. Now, I do not recommend unnecessary spending or purchases at this time, due to limited supplies. We should all do our part to ensure that others have the supplies that they need as well.

This informative and easy to use site offers clickable lists for Grocery Stores, National Stores, Drug Stores, Frugal Living, Online Deals, and New Coupons. You will be amazed at how easy you can click to select your desired items, understand the associated coupons, print your list, and preview pricing prior to stepping foot in your local stores. Planning your shopping list ahead of time will allow you to know how much you are spending and eliminate unplanned purchases, which usually breaks the budget! Tip, be sure to set a few dollars aside for that guilty pleasure treat you've been craving, after all you did work for it! #togetherwecan #covid19budgeting